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Our Team

Ron William photo - cropped

Our Advisor - Ron William

Ron William, CFTe, is a market strategist and educator/mentor, +20 years of track experience, working for leading macro research and institutional firms, offering differentiated alpha, idea generation and market timing.

He specializes in global, multi-asset, top-down framework, grounded in behavioural technical analysis, driven by cycles based on the “Roadmap” signature model of veteran market technician Robin Griffiths, published in his book “Mapping the Markets.

Ron also applies a “market & mind” approach at IntensiChi, using the latest techniques in behavioral-risk models and neuroscience sourced from expert groups. He further supplements with mentoring/coaching, trained by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and teaches a regulatory approved masterclass in Applied Behavioral Science, with investment, private banks and CFA Societies.

Ron’s primary work, as part of his current institutional market advisory firm (RWA), acquired global industry recognition as winner of “Best FX Research” in 2020. Financial media programs and industry publications regularly feature his market insights, including “I
s the big cycle about to turn?”, predicting the 2020 crash and alerting the “Minsky paradigm” of 2020 H2-2022.

Driven by high-integrity education, Ron serves as part of the education committee of the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA), Development Director at the Foundation of the Study of Cycles (FSC), Head of SAMT’s Geneva Chapter, and an honorary member of ESTA. He is also a visiting lecturer at universities, active guest speaker for the CFA, CAIA and CISI, and senior teacher at colleges offering an accredited diploma in trading and investing.

Robin Griffiths

Senior Advisor - Robin Griffiths

Robin Griffiths is Senior Advisor & Investment Strategist at RW Advisory.

Robin has served as Head of Multi-Asset Research & Advisory at the ECU Group. He was previously Chief Technical Strategist at HSBC Investment Bank for 20 years, before becoming Head of Global Asset Allocation at Rathbones, and then a director and technical strategist for Cazenove Capital Management. Robin was a Partner of WI Carr and Head of Technical Analysis at Grieveson Grant.

Robin is a committee member and former chairman of the International Federation of Technical Analysts, and former chairman, now fellow, of the British Society of Technical Analysts. Robin has been a member of ECU’s Global Macro Team for over 20 years. Robin has won several Technical Analyst awards for his research.