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A leading institutional investment research and advisory firm. Our strategies focus on global, multi-asset trends, grounded in behavioral finance/technical analysis, guided by actionable market timing, primarily driven by cycle and proprietary timing models.

Our Team

Founder & Senior Tactical Strategist

Ron William

Founder & Principal Market Strategist

+44 (0)7857 245 424

Ron William, MSTA, is a market strategist, educator/mentor and trader/investor; with nearly 20-years of experience, working for leading economic research & institutional firms; producing macro research & trading strategies. He specializes in macro, semi-discretionary analysis, driven by cycles and proprietary timing models. Read More

Chief Technical Analyst

Robin Griffiths

Technical Strategist

Robin Griffiths is one of the world’s most experienced and highly regarded analysts. He also co-authors the Trends, Timing & Tactics (T3) report, based on a semi-discretionary technical approach, driven by cycles and proprietary timing models.

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